Sunday, April 23, 2017

Free instruction online with Khan Academy

How to get a higher score on the SAT

1.  Look at at least 300 problems. is a start. for SAT and ACT.
2.  Look at the free examples online
3.  Collect the problems that you can't do
4.  Find a study buddy.
5.  Take the list of problems to your teacher (maybe your teachers will use these problems in class and then you will get the answers free)
6.  Send photos of the problems to (954) 646 8246 and eventually the answers will appear on blogs and the YouTube channel
7.  Hire a tutor.

Step 2 is perhaps the most time-consuming step because you hae to listen to someone's presentation.  Yawn.  But you can scroll through and find the method for each problem that the youtube channel gives.

KhanAcademy YouTube channel for SAT is a good source.

Here is an example

A second free source is shown here:

You can see more tips at